Frequent questions:

  • Can I contact you according to my needs, on regular or irregular basis?
    Of course you can contact us according to your needs; we will be pleased to visit you.
  • Does always the same person will execute the services?
    If you order our services on regular basis, we will try our best to keep the same person. Only for replacement (holiday, sick leave,) we have to change.
  • Is your personnel recorded?
    Yes, all our staff is recorded at the CCSS (national social security). Additionally we have an insurance RC (civil responsibility), insurance for accident and key insurance.
  • Are your personnel confidential and reliable?
    All our staff was selected according to strict qualification criteria. Additionally to the standard documents and references we request a criminal record.
  • Do you control the work done by your staff?
    The work done by our staff is controlled on regular basis. If you have a question or a claim, please inform us immediately. We target to give a quick answer or action to give you full satisfaction!
  • Who takes care material damage or in case of a work accident by your staff?
    Our aim of course is to avoid this situation. For such a situation we concluded insurances to find quick solutions.
  • Will you work in my home during my absence?
    We will mainly work in your home during your absence, as this is the main purpose of our service. When you give us your key we keep them at a safe place.
  • Will I always get an invoice?
    You will always get an invoice for all supplied services.
  • Can I pay cash or by bank transfer?
    You can pay cash but we prefer by bank transfer.