The respect of the service provider vis-à-vis his customer :

The customer is “king” and the respect is the merit of his own behavior.

The respect of the customer vis-à-vis the service provider:

The customer asks himself the question: What’s the value of this service for me? Would I offer this same service under these conditions?

Performance, Quality - Confidence, Reliability

We target a fully satisfied customer everyday. ok@home offers you always something more: we execute the service at 100%, considering the details and not the time while showing a positive and discreet behavior.

Excellent quality and performance at a correct price!
We calculate based on the invested resources (human, machines, time) to execute a high quality service. No hidden costs. Our price is fixed for all services approved by the customer, no surprise. Our personnel are correctly paid, socially insured and we have insurance for RC, for accident and for the executed service. Our personnel speak minimum 3 of the current languages of the country (Luxembourg’s, German, French, or English). All our staff executes the mission with full motivation in order to reach an excellent result.

During the first contact we learn about your needs. Together we define the services to be supplied – we want to assure your full satisfaction from the beginning!